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Bakanova Artists’ representation agency is a management company which provides international management, representation, digital marketing, international tour bookings, branding, resource development, and consultation services Ballet companies, Dance projects, Dance companies, Music groups, Ballet and Dance artists worldwide across, North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australasia.

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Yulia Makhalina


Prima-ballerina. Mariinsky ballet. Russia.

Ballet Star

People’s Artist of Russia
• Honoured Artist of Russia
• Recipient of the Benois de la dance award
• Recipient of the Golden Sofit, St Petersburg’s most prestigious theatre prize
• Prize-winner at the International Ballet Competition (Grand Prix and Gold Medal)
• Recipient of the Lumière Brothers’ Centre for Photography prize (Paris)
• Performances, ballet master-classes and workshops

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Bakanova Artists’

International Representation for Yulia Makhalina


"Imperial Russian Ballet" company was created in April of 1994 by soloist of Bolshoi Theatre Gedeminas Taranda on an iniciative of famouse russian ballerina Maija Plisetzkaya. She became a Honorable President of the company. Learn more....

The artists of the company are graduates of the best ballet schools in Russia: 

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Moscow, Russia;
Vaganova Ballet Academy, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
Perm State Ballet School, Perm, Russia. 

Many famouse Russian Ballet Stars cooperated with the company. 

Among them there are soloists of Bolshoi- Liudmila Semeniaka, E.Andriyenko, N.Pavlova, Yuri Posokhov (San Fransisco Ballet), T.Chernobrovkina and D. Zababurin (Stanislavsky Theatre Ballet), Patric Dupont (Grand Opera),Kumakawa (Covent Garden), D. Vishneva, 


Many famouse Russian Ballet Stars cooperated with the company. 

 Y. Makhalina, M.Kulik, F.Ruzhimatov, L.Kunakova, V. Samodurov (Maryinsky Theatre), A.Ratmansky, J.Aiupova and many others.

Bakanova Artists’: 

Representation for international groups visitors for St.-Petersburg tours, Russia, Israel, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, Montenegro, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Andorra, Panama, Morocco, Hong Kong, France, Nederland’s and other countries.

2019 - the anniversary year - 25 years of the "Imperial Russian Ballet" company. The anniversary tour "25 years of the Imperial Russian Ballet" was successfully held in Spain, China, Brazil, Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, many other cities), Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria. In the 2020-2021 season - new plans, new performances and new countries!

Terem Quartet


Musical group 

A unique musical group of Russian folk instruments from St. Petersburg, performing music in the style of a classic crossover. “Terem-Quartet” released 24 discs in Russia and abroad, the ensemble's repertoire includes more than 500 compositions of classical and modern music.
Quartet has represented Russia in front of the planet’s most famous people – the Pope and Mother
Teresa at Vatican, at St. James’ Palace upon the invitation of Prince Charles, at the G8 leaders at the summit in St. Petersburg. The Quartet is a permanent guest and participant of culture programs of the most significant world events: Olympic games in Barcelona, Vancouver, London, Sochi; the Eurovision Song Contest; the FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro; The Formula 1 World Drivers’ Championship.

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Bakanova Artists’: 

Representation for international groups visitors, Israel, Singapore, Japan, USA, Spain, Montenegro, Italy, Canada, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Andorra, Panama, Morocco, Hong Kong and other countries.



Dance school

Tangomania since 2000 is the first and leading tango dance school in St.Petersburg, the Russian affiliate of the National Tango Academy of Argentina, member of International Dance Council CID, organizer of the international White Nights Tango festivals, tango marathons, concerts and shows.
The school is offering dance classes for all levels and ages, social tango and workshops for professionals on stage tango choreography, thematic classes on tango styles, as milonga, canyengue, tangowaltz, tango nuevo, etc. 

Bakanova Artists’

Representation for international groups visitors. Management consulting

Tango Argentina


Master Classes and Show Classes: 

Classical Choreography, Russian Folk Dances for Non-Professionals.
Teachers of any level. Masters classes can be held in the beautiful interiors of old mansions and palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia, or be held in any city in the world according to an agreed program. 

Bakanova Artists’: 

Representation for international groups visitors in St.-Petersburg, Russia; International Representation for programs. Management consulting.

Dance festival

WHITE NIGHTS Tango Festival

Since 2001 

One of the largest and most famous festivals of Argentine tango in Russia.
The festival traditionally gathers participants from many countries of the world and the most famous and vibrant maestro of the Argentine tango.
Various master classes, intensives, milongas and shows are held at the festival. 

Bakanova Artists’: 

Representation for international groups visitors, marketing, advertising, management consulting. International Representation for Tango show.

Bakanova Artists’:

Artist, dance and music companies management

Booking international
tours & performances

Cultural consulting-
 strategy, branding,
planning. marketing

Marina Bakanova

Festival and event management

Website design,
management, SEO 

Our unique team has more than 25 years of experience organizing various events and in management
Bakanova Artists’ established by Marina Bakanova to provide opportunities to artists entering the global art market.


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